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Default Re: First build by most not handy guy military lowrider theme

So I decided to go with option 1 and i dove in head first

Today my engine kit arrived and i opened it and realized the only thing I know how to do is mount the gas tank. I have Lot of YouTube instructional videos to watch.

I bought a dremel and chopped the bikes frame into pieces and now I need to ad a pipe and start welding. I'm having someone help me with welding but teach me at same time so I'll see how this goes.

I sprayed down the frame with Klean strip aerosol can and holy crap that stuff is insane! The paint literally came right off with a rag and I had a perfect naked frame.

I picked up my hub adapter today and a 40 tooth sprocket and installed that to the back wheel (it's the bike wheel right ....just kidding).

I deflated the tire and can't figure out how to remove the thick brick tire from the rim. I'm afraid to bend the lip of the rim trying. Any tricks?

I picked up the paint today and primer and will post pics when the frame is welded into one piece

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