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Default Re: It Ain't the Spark Plug !

Originally Posted by misteright1_99 View Post
NGK B6HS Burns clean and lasts.....
I'm using the same plug, not really sure what the gap is that it came as, and what it should be set to ? So, I am guess ing it doesn't come already gapped for my 80cc Chinese ?

I am now down to the plug, the wire, or did something go wrong with the gas mixture, while just sitting there, other than the fact the weather has changed a little and I am at sea level, I am running with the stock carb accelerator setting, that I have not changed, but am willing to.

I am still getting loss of power not so much bogging down, but the power isn't where it was. It is like it is missing, or not firing exactly right, this occurs only when in motion and accelerating. Kind of a rough ride like you are riding the RR ties, but not actually that drastic.

Can you give me a gap s I should be using ?

The last tank which was I believe my fourth gallon was 30-1 per Kings,

I used Valvoline 2 Cy. Multi-purpose.
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