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Default Re: Sub $300 cruiser, new?

Originally Posted by maurtis View Post
That Northwoods Ridgedale looks fine and I do like the price, but I thought the cheaper aluminum frames were a big no-no? Or is that model graced with an oddly stout frame for the price? I like what you did for the gas tank!

Also, how about the lower end Nirves, like the Nirve B-1? Amazon has them for $260. It comes with a front caliper brake, but that is supposedly not the best quality brake.
Originally Posted by maurtis View Post
Wow, Biknut, I just read your build thread on the Northwoods Ridgedale. Very nice. Unless there is some very compelling reason to go with the Electra Cruiser 1, the Northwoods bike may be it! Lovely work you did. I really like the hockey puck engine mount.
A lot of people paint all aluminium frames with the same brush. Both of my bikes are made by Kent Bicycles. I've so far been able to compare up close to a OP Roller, and a Electra cruiser from REI. Both of my bikes have better frames.

The Electra has a little skinny 1" neck. Both of mine are 1 1/8". The Electra also has a skinny seat post. Both of mine are bigger. The Electra 's frame is steel, but the seat post broke in two, under the seat. So much for steel being stronger.

How strong it's made is more important then what it's made of.

I haven't seen very many Nirves up close so I don't know about them.
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