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Default Re: Sub $300 cruiser, new?

Originally Posted by maurtis View Post
Hi all,

I am still in the process of planning out my first China Girl build (I am now finishing up on my first official motorized bicycle build, which was a friction drive weed eater on my Mongoose XR-75).

My original plan was to go with the Schwinn Majestic at Target, cruiser frame, 7 speeds, v-brakes. But then I got to thinking, was there something available for a little more money that would be of significantly higher quality? I scan Craigslist almost every day, but the quality bikes that show up tend to still be pretty pricey. I did pick up a nice black Huffy Cranbrook with silver fenders yesterday for $25 that I was going to upgrade the hardware on, but as soon as my wife saw it she said it was not going to be a motor candidate since we would look too cute riding our cruiser bikes together, with our son in tow, lol.

So, what I would like to know is, is there a good steel framed cruiser bike for putting a 66cc China Girl in, for under $300 new? Single speed is fine, and a coaster brake is fine if I have the ability to add better brakes.

I have been eyeballing the Electra Crusier 1 Bike - 2012 at I see that a couple people have motorized them here, but that getting the mounting brackets right can be tricky. It does not look too bad, though. I am going to look at one locally today since there is an REI near my office to see if the frame has the mounting holes for fenders and side-pull brakes. Otherwise, it would need a drum brake front wheel, which looks great in my eyes, but adds about $130 to the price tag.

Thanks for wading through my rambling!
I'd say don't get that cruiser from REI. I have a friend that bought one, and his frame broke under the seat in only a few hundred miles. A close inspection of his frame reveled small dia tubing was used.

A better bet is to look at webb stores online.

I bought this Northwoods Ridgedale online for $150 shipped. It has a very strong aluminum frame.

This Cadillac AV Sport was a close out for $269 shipped.

I like having peddle gears. If you ride a lot you'll find that there's times when you'll need to peddle on occasion. It's nice to have a few gears at those times.

A disk brake in the rear is nice, because there's a good adapter for disk brake hubs to attach the rear sprocket.

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