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Default Freezing brake and throttle lines!

So today was the first real cold day. it was around 18 degrees F.

I had trouble starting the engine but eventually that roared to life with the right amount of choke only to find the throttle line was frozen! I couldn't pull the throttle.

Anyway, being late for an appointment I just used my hand on top of the engine to adjust the throttle mechanism above the carb.

that worked fine untill I had to stop.... the brake lines were frozen and I couldn't pull the brake!!!

I put my feet to the ground to glide to a stop, and then pulled the brakes real hard. Thats when they clamped shut. I had to walk the bike the rest of the way.

Lesson learned... can't ride in below freezing weather.

Anyone have a remedy for this? I just put a lubricant on all the moving parts (liquid wrench)
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