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Default Just sayin Hello

Oh, I just thought I would check in and do the intro thing..

Name is Paul, I am a 49 year old aircraft engineer in Ontario Canada.
I have not been on a bicycle for more than a couple of short rides in the past 20 or so years. But I am now building a project to scoot me around outdoor car shows, races, etc.
I have built and owned many different motorcycles over the years, from show bikes to dirt bikes to mini bikes.
Usually for a winter project I would build a bike for myself or a friend but a few years ago I started something different. It's a custom VW project that can be found here if you have the time. The Wazabug Project - Cut-Weld-Drive Forums

But after completing the build and taking the car to different events I found myself doing too much walking, especially at the bigger two day events.
I decided I needed some small two wheeled transport to get around, nothing high speed as I have motorcycles for that, but interesting and unique.
It was time for a new project.
I started with a bicycle idea, it then needed a motor.
I soon found this forum and after reading alot I sourced out some parts to create my version of an early 1900's motor bicycle.
I am working towards a Maytag 72D powered, flat leather belt drive, modified Worksman INB. I have gathered almost all the major parts required to start the build.
This will not be a tribute to any specific brand of MC manufacturer but my interpretation of the style of the era. It will be done as an upright style of cruiser rather than the popular Boardtrack style as my back is not up to it anymore.
I will start a build thread soon, I need to fit it in with other prioities.
Keep watch for the "Maytag Flyer"



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