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Default Re: Welcome To The Welding & Metalworking Forum

I had a 110 flux welder it only had low and high step voltage. It's not very versatile its hard to adjust heat it. I've used a lot of welders and I would never choose a step voltage 110 over anything. If you want to mig and flux weld I would be looking at one of the bigger 150-170 lincoln or hobart or miller units. And wire it to 230 it makes a much more stable arc. You need the higher amp range if you are welding on thicker metal or its not really going to fuse the base metal. You can then dial it down and downsize the wire feed rollers for smaller diameter wire and get it to weld thin metal.

You guys really know your getting what you pay for right? I wouldn't ride a bike with a frame zapped together with a pos welder lol. Better take a class and have somebody show you around some equipment and get you going. If you only need short welds I have better luck running 1/16 size electrodes on my old lincoln buzzbox I pulled out of a field for 25 bucks. These old arc welders are all over the place but you need to wire them 230 on a 50 amp receptacle one size bigger than your dryer. Or you might go to a welding supply and the guy might be able to show you some stuff and explain the differences. One thing about mig welders is you have to be able to get contact tips and possibly drive rollers and nozzles other consumables. Better stick with the name brands you know you can get these parts for.
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