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Default Re: vintage Schwinn speedometer repair

the internal parts look surprisingly good (little or no gunk) the plastic gears look fine for having a little over 1500 miles on it... have put a few small drops of liquid wrench in the end... will try to free it up tomorrow ...then repeat if need be. The case was pretty rough with rust and pitting so i sanded it all down and will paint it.

that sucks Kat, sorry to hear you got caught in that flood. I seen pictures of a hotel my family had stayed at a few years before. There was an outdoor tiki-bar that my wife and i had a few drinks at and there was a small boat floating right where we had been sitting, the boat woulda been sitting right on top of our heads... was kinda surreal.

thinking if i do get this thing working i might try hooking it up to a drill in a vise and just run the miles back on the counter... wonder how long that will take
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