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Default Re: my Black Squirrel ("The Flying Fart")

current phase (click the thumbnails for the big pic)

I figure I should go ahead & get all my worst mods out in the open. Here's a selection:
The tensioner, a classic POS. I didn't trust it when I first saw how it was supposed to be set up, & my concern was confirmed when I read on the boards how many other riders have problems with them. So here's the temporary solution. Clamped a beefy bracket of some kind to the rear of the frame, then bolted it to the original tensioner. Then I put a strong bungee strap on the bracket to keep it from sliding downward on the frame. It all feels like overkill to support the crappy original tensioner, yet I still don't trust it. I plan to get rid of it via half-links.

Here's what's going on with my fenders. First, a zoomed-out pic to show you where this setup is happening:

Then, the setup itself:

Ok, so these fenders weren't exactly made for this bike. I'm pretty stubborn. I got em to fit, & they're stable. I used some of the info Bairdco posted in this GREAT THREAD ON FENDERS. Other stuff I kinda made up as I went along. All the supports have been cut down to size, then JB welded back together. They're all on their own fastening points, so if one goes bad, the other can hold the fender up til I get it fixed. (why didn't i take pics of that?) As shown in the pic, I slotted the rear fender in the middle, buffed the slots down, padded the slots with double layers of innertube, then hung it from that little cross bar using zipstrips. The rubber lining keeps the slotted parts from chewing through the zipstrips.

The front bracket on the rear wheel:

yeah.... it didn't come like that. I can't imagine the originally-intended setup would be anywhere near as stable, though.....this thing DOES NOT MOVE. It's a couple of stiff metal strips bolted together in a zig-zag, then bolted to a part of the frame that I don't have a name for.
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