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Default Re: my Black Squirrel ("The Flying Fart")

Originally Posted by fasteddy View Post
Can an old man offer you a suggestion? I spent over 50 of my 68 years restoring antique furniture and making some fakes to match what people wanted. Never once did I make something that I personally felt was great. What I made was in some of the nicest houses in North America but I was never happy with what I did. The owners were thrilled.

My bike and sidecar are in a major webzine that featured bikes. The last one before the owner passed away. I'm still not happy with the bike.

Don't feel that you don't need to not show us what you built. It's a disservice both to you and us. If you made a mistake we learn from that and if what you feel is a mistake is an act of genius we'll tell you. We all learn from each others efforts.

Thanks for the input, Steve. Honestly, I didn't think anyone was reading this lol
I was mainly posting here so I could have a reference for my modifications....kind of keeping track of my education & progress. Sometimes I forget what a great online community this is. I appreciate your interest, & I'll do my best to follow up. From now on, when I say pics are coming -- pics will be coming. In fact, I'm heading out right now to take a few.
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