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Default Re: my Black Squirrel ("The Flying Fart")

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Anim8r, sounds like u just gotta go around the bike and dial things in a little at a time 'til things get whipped into shape! Make sure you take a good tool bag with you every time you don't want to pedal home.
What kind of oil and mix ratio are you running?
Thanks RC, that's how I'm taking it. It's starting to feel like I know this thing. It runs a lot better than it used to, at least.
I ALWAYS take a work glove full of tools with me unless I'm just doing a test run in front of the house. My glove holds everything I'd need for a roadside teardown & rebuild except a cone wrench & torque wrench. I'm hoping to eventually replace as many of the nuts & bolts as possible with allen heads, so I can strip the tool kit down even more.

I broke it in with Lucas semi-synthetic at their recommended ratio of 50:1 (2 small bottles to 2 gallons of gas). I'm on the last tank of it now. One tank ago, however, I happened to run out of gas on the way to the 2-stroke shop. The owner filled me up with an Opti-2 mix for $1...that's apparently what he stands behind.
That's probably what I'll switch to. I figure everything's nice & broken in now, so I won't need the detergents of the semi-synth anymore. Hard to tell if there was a difference using his gas or mine, because the switch happened during a spark plug upgrade.
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