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Default Re: my Black Squirrel ("The Flying Fart")

ok, so I lied about taking new pics. I'll get around to it.

Since I posted about the spark plug wire shaking loose, I've noticed it's actually deteriorating. Somebody in China has apparently created a accelerated-biodegradable rubber compound. Judging by the rest of this motor, I can only imagine that this, too, was an accident.

After a clumsy search through a paper book & finally deciding that they'd found the closest thing to what I need, O'Reilly's sold me the wrong type of spark plug wire. It's getting returned.

For The Record: I got a new NGK BP5HS spark plug from a local small engine shop.
A t-i-n-y dab of threadlocker keeps it held in place.
AND I've got dramatically-increased airflow from removing the seriously-dense foam sponge from my stock red skull air filter. (It might as well have been made from a solid piece of balsa wood).
After this replacing the spark wire, I should no longer have top-end power loss.
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