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Default Re: Mongoose XR-75 MTB Weed Eater Friction Drive

... and this morning, the clutch self destructed! I noticed the motor bouncing a bit more than it should on my last ride, so checked it out in the garage this morning and notice the clutch bell had a LOT of play in it. I pulled it off, and the flat piece of metal on the inside of the clutch bell fell off in my hand...

It was never engaging right anyway, so time to go direct drive.

Unfortunately, since my drive roller was JB Welded to the clutch bell, time for a new roller too. I picked up a 1.25" diameter bike peg today, and will attach that to the crank tonight. I think I will not have to relocate the motor, but we will see. I will still want to run a bearing support on the non-motor side of my mount, but that will take some more doing...

Once I get things sorted, I will post pics. I knew using the stock clutch was a gamble, but at least it was a good learning experience!
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