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Default Re: Gear puller tool stinks!

Originally Posted by Mozenrath View Post
I'm still very tempted to JB Weld that sucker into the gear.
I don't think its a good idea to JB Weld the puller tool to your bevel gear!!!
I have never had a problem with my puller tool, have pulled every part in the motor several times with it, I love that little tool cause it works well for me, for what it's worth....
Like I said before, inspect the threads on the tool that mate with the bevel gear, maybe the end of the tool got ding'd up a bit and the first thread got bent out of shape? If so you should be able to manually correct that by carefully working that thread back into place with some hand tools.
A "worn" thread shouldn't cause you to cross thread, but a bent/compressed thread will. You seem to indicate you are cross threading and not getting the two parts mated far enough to grip solid and pull... If you can identify and straighten out a ding in the threads on the tool perhaps you can get it to mate properly and work for you....
If I were you I would stop heading down the "glue them together" route, seems more likely to cause a mess than result in success..
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