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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Skarrd View Post
yup, lapped it. turned out really awesome actually. much better than when i would do it by hand with some sandpaper on the floor.
am i misreading? it is NOT a good idea to try to get a flat surface, which is what lapping does, on something that is NOT flat to machining standards! if you want to use an orbital sander, stick the glass on it and then the sandpaper to the glass. i almost slapped myself when you said you lapped on a floor! look for a thick piece of glass that doesn't distort your reflection by a noticable amount, i think plate glass is the stuff. thick because you don't want it to bend.

and i took my bike for a ride in the snow today, coming home from school. and i noticed that the jb weld is cracking again so the gas it leaking a little. tried to seal it up about 5 times now. i will put some coarse steel wool on it so it will be like fiber-steel (fiber glass). the epoxy in fiber glass is not very strong without the glass fibers. it acts kind of like rebar in concrete. the reason it keeps cracking is because the crack is from a bad weld on the gas tank mounting studs, so if i tighten it just a little too much it starts leaking again.

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