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Default Re: 2 bike stolen in san diego

Oh, yeah, I guess it's better to live in fear than to stand up for one's self.

This is what I'm saying; IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN TO ME!!! Understand that? I've been ripped off enough here lately and do not stand for it anymore. "Descression is the better part of valor?" What is valorious about not doing something about a thief? My son ripped me for $130 out of my wallet, he was out within 2 minuets of my finding out.

Both of you, don't tell me YOU'D do NOTHING seeing someone riding YOUR STOLEN BIKE in front of you. I don't believe it, not for a second. No where in what CCC said indicates to me that he contacted the police. It just says he is doing nothing.

Oh, you want to know what my son said to my Ex? He told her he didn't think I'd do anything.... steals $130 and he expects me to do nothing? Is this the way people are these days? No respect for themselves or others.

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