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[QUOTE=Dirt Road Cowboy;352329]Hi everyone.

I have a CH 110v stick welder, and have been thinking about a 110v HF flux core wire feed unit.

Is there any benefit to the wire feed, or would I be better off getting a bigger welder?

I've never done any MIG or TIG welding, only arc and Oxy-Acetylene welding, but I have been considering getting a dual purpose MIG/flux core welder and eventually learning to MIG weld.

I am thinking about the dual purpose welder because a lot of my welding is out in the open, and I would probably have problems with the shielding gas. I just don't know if one of the smaller ones would be enough to be versatile.

Should I consider one of them, or just go for a bigger arc welder?

DRC, go with a tig/mig if you can find a quality one. Take a welding class if you havent done so already, you'll probably gain more insight as to which type of welding / welder will be for you. You can find one occasionally on C-list.

Practice practice practice, be safe and have fun! As for the horrible fright mig's they are ok for welding on bicycles but nlt much else, JMO!

Peace Crazy Horse.
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