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Default Re: 2 bike stolen in san diego

Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
You know who the guy is and you haven't called the police? That's what you do when something is stolen from you. You don't beat the guy up and you don't ignore it. Dude ride's it in front of you and you do nothing?

I really hate to put this this way: you need to grow a pair and call the cops. That's what they're for. The cops, that is. Every time he rides your bike he's spitting in your face, something I simpley couldn't handle.

On CCC's behalf....

He said he had a history with the guy, and even reporting it to the police... lets be serious here, the guy who stole it would get a slap on the wrist and pay a fine with no jail time!

I've been in similar situations where things are not best to report and just let them go.

How can you criticize him when you read a one paragraph sentence and do not know the entire story???

Have some respect my man..
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