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Default Re: Ask a specific question

Gasoline will not burn, its the vapors that burn, leaking vapors can burn but you would have to burst the bottle and get all the liquid to vaporize to make it explode. I Don't think you have too much to worry about. Your tank has a vapor space in it but it don't explode cause its not got the right mixture fuel and air mix. with too rich mix and spark no fire takes what? 14 air to 1 fuel to go bang which is really a very fast burn. Don't go out there and try to prove me wrong, it won't hurt me but, might burn the carp out of yourself if you don't respect the stuff. Leave a space in the bottle for the heat of the day to allow for the expansion or a vented bottle and you should be ok. Be careful we don't want yout get hurt.
I still haven't had the need to refuel on any of the bicycle rides only the motorcycle rides. You guys are tougher than me these bikes can beat the helo out of you. check the fuel before riding is best if you can't remember build a big sign to remind yourself after a few pedaling home trips I would learn, and no sign needed, my tongue would have scars form the spoke hitting them

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