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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Thanks for the heads up. It doesn't change my mind about strappin' a motor to my bike but it's good to know. We should all be aware of the inherant risks of our activities and of life in general. I've ridden M/Cs since 88 or so, bicycles since 76. I've wadded a chain (< 200 mi. on it) into my crankcase at 60-70 mph. I threw a rod at 70 mph on Ducati 350 single (southbound Alaskan way Viaduct for those familiar to Seattle). Neither time did I wreck, but I could have. Had stuff fall off, lockup, get stuck, caught, etc on bicycles. Sometimes I wrecked other times not. I've been in countless bicycle accidents. At age 7 I ran a stop sign and t-boned a car and landed in the bushes across the street. I hopped a curb one time and my front wheel came off. We didn't even have helmets when I was little [maybe an occasional wobbly football Helmet(for big stunts)]. In Seattle riding a bicycle is dangerous. If your gonna ride, you better know what your doing (AKA expert rider). The same would apply to strapping a motor to it. An expert rider knows how to stop from 30+ mph, in a rear wheel skid, or not. If you don't or you think you might not know how to stop from 30+ mph then you probably should not have a motor in your bicycle. To me it's a calculated risk; To you it may not be.

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