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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Rode around for 45 minutes recording with my playsport zx5 in my phones holster clipped to my brake cable. Really shaky vid, but youtubes' video editor cuts that down to a minimum. Got a few good "looks". Got chase by 2 dogs. Smaller dog was maybe a lil' over a foot long, 2nd dog was a good 3 foot long, and about 1 ft wide. The smaller dog was trying to get himself ran over by my front tire. Before i saw them, i heard barking, and as i got to a coldesac, this small dog come barrelling out of his owners drive way, with his friend not far behind. Both barking the whole time, the bigger dog ran a good 2 ft to my left for about 30ft then gave up the chase, the smaller dog snagged my pants leg and then let go(so glad). I didn't want to have to pull his remains out of my rear chainstay and friction drive. The smaller dog kept getting closer and closer to my front wheel and then darting out right in front of my wheel, so i had to keep jamming on my brakes and swerving to the left cuz i was inches away from hitting mailboxes on my right side. I finally swerved quick enought that the smaller dog rolled over trying to turn back to his left and i gunned my engine and escaped. Fun little adventure. caught some air on speed bumps. Top speed so far: 26.4mph
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