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Default Re: Black ice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Guys!!
I'm not healing near as fast as I would like. Still in severe pain & I was coming down with a cold when I crashed , so now I'm coughing daily that itself is almost the worst pain Ive ever had to endure ..almost.. Then as I was sleeping on my Lazy boy the other night "have to sleep on it cant get in or out of bed My loving cat jumped off a shelf about a foot up on the wall right onto my chest ...BAD KITTY CAT the cat is still alive but I bet he has more Airborne time than I do now J/\K

However that cat stunt "I'm sad to say" re aggravated cracked ribs big time. Like a wanna be tough guy, I refuse all pain Meds I feel they just mask the pain you need & you end up doing more damage in the long run . I'm a firm believer your body needs to & will tell you when to stop & if you cant feel these warnings, be them slight or severe" you end up doing more damage Just my stupid stubborn way of thinking is all
P.S. Remember folks
"Rubber side DOWN"

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