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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Rocky_Motor View Post
WOOO!! I finally got my first build up and running! I still got to fix the rear bikes and a thing or two here and there but man was the few minutes I was riding it were fun or what! First up on the modification menu is getting the pedaling noise down with all that chain racket. But still gobs of fun, can't wait to take it out tomorrow. Got to cold to keep goin here
congrats on getting it running, R_M!
I had the same problem when I got mine going....I had to adjust the motor mount so it tilted forward a little, & then I also opened the drive sprocket cover & used a file to wear down the parts (a little) where the chain was grinding against the motor. Your problem might be different, but those are decent places to start.
DEFINITELY get those brakes fixed lol have fun
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