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Default Re: Powder coat costs?

It's true you wouldn't wan't a gas element inside the oven chamber. I like the electric element approach for simplicity. You can leave the elements wired as they are and run 2 ovens worth in your new oven big enough for a frame (making sure that you have the amperage of course). Your oven in your kitchen is a steel box, wrapped in fiberglass (or other insulate), inside a steel box. There are no exotic materials (except maybe the ceramic coating which is for ease of cleaning). It doesn't need to seal; it just needs to hold temp. I think someone being thrifty about this could get a nice oven made for a couple maybe few hundred dollars. As was already mentioned ovens can be found free, insulation is not expensive, and steel can be salvaged fairly cheaply. Your biggest expenses are welding (if you have to pay for it) and steel. A brick oven could be done very cheaply; bricks can be had for free as well. Pardon the cliche, but the possibilities are endless. I'm gonna build one. I must look somewhat like the Cheshire Cat about now (I'm smiling with excitement)! Thanks for the thoughts everyone!
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