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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Well, Well, we have finally got down to it, very interesting our various philosophies on life and risk taking. how many persons get behind the wheel after more than (3), . . . how many die and are maimed on the roads,the answer, . . . more than any war has killed, and that is probably combined wars have killed.

Are the folks who own Bars blamed for killing all those persons who have more than three, are the persons who drive punished to the point they don't do it again, are the legislators blamed ? Is it legal to sell Alchohol, the numero uno ?

Still it doesn't make anything right to give comparisons and examples, but, . .

Those who come to this forum and have an interest in reading would know that there are strong recommendations to change those bolts, from the onset, all of mine aren't changed, and I chompped of one or two in the building process, my mount bolts haven't been changed yet, either.

In a world like we live in I think that it is up to the U.S. to have standards and stress specs and to know what they are allowing to be imported into the US, if they or we don't, who do you expect to do this ?? The moral world public!

Those bolts that you have purchased don't shear in every case, I agree that it can be dangerous, but now that we know about it, what are you, we, the, Motor Bike Buffs of the world, gonna do ?

Manufacture an engine kit that everyone thinks is a fantastic price in the US ? Get a grip, that is what foreigners learn about capitalism ! They learn that is what we want, . . . when the smelters of metal use slag, for there metal it is because this is what is passed through the marketing system to them, specs and importation belong to the capitalist !

But thanks for the Realism of it all you have warned us, . . I thank you, . . but until we find out that all those Asian Consumers who ride these bikes are riding with better bolts that we have, we should give some considerations to how this is happening.
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