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Default Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

This morning scotto- was awesome and sand blasted my engine mount parts all nice and clean.
Thank you again scotto-, I owe you one!
This afternoon I painted them white with Dupli-Color engine enamel.
I followed the instructions on the cans exactly to the "t".
The primer came out beautiful but the white is a whole 'nother story.
It sprayed out of the can like it was textured pop corn ceiling spray!
All the parts including the wide pedal shaft are white now but the engine mount plate looks like ****. Next weekend I get to wet sand it smooth hopefully without cutting through the color coat. If that happens I am going to buy another can of the stuff from another store and re spray it again. Perhaps it was a bad can? :/

I feel like it was one step forward and two steps back....
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