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Default Re: Anyone Carrying Their Bike On Shoulder Straps?

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
A fridge-cart strap or tie down strap used in trucks would be good, hooked under the seat (around the post) and just under the handlebars on the stem. I used to carry an old bike up to my third floor apartment daily with a rig like that. Tried a piece of rope first, but the wider strap is much kinder on the shoulders. The length of the strap was usually set so that by standing up straight with it over my shoulder I had about 8" clearance when level. Shifted the bike back for going upstairs so the back end hung lower, forward for the trip down so I wasn't bouncing the back wheel off the stairs. I had to make a U-turn at 5 landings with it, so it went upstairs on my left side and got carried down on my right. Come to think of it, I think that old bike was left in the basement of that building when I moved out. The frame was great, the rest was in rough shape though.
THANKS! That's exactly what I needed to know. I just made 65. The day will come when it'll take a LOT outa me to get the 70lb. bike upstairs.

Going down is never a problem. I walk the bike down and ride the brakes.

LOL, no thanks, Jumpa.
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