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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by NunyaBidness View Post
that made me laugh
but only because I've thought much the same many times now.
when you realize they are cheap motors and that you need to take some precautions it can be great fun.
My buddy has purchased to of these motors and had no problems, I've only got one but have run into almost every problem I've seen people talk about.
By the time I get every single one of them dealt with I'll have a bullet proof setup. Each time I get the newest problem fixed I get more riding time than the last time and the motor bike feels like a better ride all around.
Agreed, with one exception. "Bulletproof" is not an adjective that will ever be used to describe these things. Upgrade all the peripheral hardware you can. But, the core of it is still made of old chewing gum and recycled Chinese newspapers. Better invest in some cast iron shorts, or make an appointment now with your proctologist to have a foreign object extracted from your rectum.
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