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Default Black ice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG NOT the way I wanted to start off my New Year 2012 A week ago tomorrow I left the house at around 5 am as I usually do on weekends to go get a coffee then cruise around check the bar room parking lots for cash blowing in the wind , cell phones wallets ect I've even found whole entire people on the ground. sleeping off the rough night before "I return them if I find em .Wallets W/ Money and everything " same with the cell phones" Usually find the owner by just dialing the last number called. However if I find a wad of cash "& I have" with no way to find it;s owner its mine baby.

Anyway as I was coming home i made a left to turn into my parking lot and KASLAMMMMO I hit the black Ice and went down hard & fast. , So quick and hard when I hit the ground my feet were still on the pedals absolutely no time to react Cracked a rib and bruised two others 5" gash on my right leg just under knee cap . If I didn't have my helmet on I bet I would be in a coma , My head hit so hard i thought my eye balls were gonna poop out of my head I knocked the wind out of me so I sat there hoping no one was looking at me. So moral to the story get some studs if ya gonna ride in New England. chances are if there is frost on the cars, there could very easily be a spot that can take you out . !

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