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Talking Re: Anyone Carrying Their Bike On Shoulder Straps?

& here I was a 44 y/o man 6'4 259 lbs complaining about having to go up 5 steps to get in my front door Is there any way to move to a 1st floor apt? If not, tell the land lord you need a chair lift installed perhaps split the cost then strap it to that . On a more serious not my buddy lived in Boston when he was attending MIT. In order to get his mountain bike up to his apt. "as it wouldn't make the corners in the stair wells" he had set up a small 110 volt mini winch that he mounted to the windowsil ran the cable through 2 small pulley's He used a roofing bracket had a 3/4" 2 foot pipe welded to it w/ two pulley's . He basically got the idea from the crab boats on "Deadliest catch" Same basic idea much much smaller He even uses it to get his groceries up and a lot of other things. I mean if your gonna stay there a while. Just don't forget to put the brake on the winch, like he did one evening as he let it go out the window He was half in the bag deciding to go on a midnight summer run. Well he never made it that night as he winched it back up every foot closer the oh no... OH no!! OHH Nooo OH NOOOOOO!!!! 's Got louder I was laughing my a$$ off
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