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Default Re: cheap entry level welder ????


L&S, a Ford/Chevy discussion ain't no argument! lol
Everyone knows the SBC is the best engine in he whole world! :-)

I have NOT had to buy a circuit board for blue or red.
Talk on the hotrod/fab/welding forums is that is what the cost is.
if u know different, I'll gladly default to u. :-)

What I DO know is since I got banged up I ain't gonna be able to do heavy construction any more, (even if there was an economy), so I set out to rehab myself and figgered I'd learn precision welding.
I went to the LWS and looked for a Dynasty 350. I quickly back-pedaled to a Dynasty 200sd. and I couldn't even afford that.

Then I surfed all the boards mentioned earlier, (weldingzone is one of the best), and read all the stuff abt china welders vs domestic.

One fellow was a project super, went to asia for a number of years. worked on BIG projects. He said we had massive crews of welders working day and night and not a single red or blue to be seen on the site.
He said the weld quality was first rate. If not, he would have failed it!
It WAS going to be first rate!

He said 'Riland' was at the top of the china welder heap.
Thing is, them folks over there clone this, that, and everything! Paint 'em a different color, use the same color, badge produce 'em.. no tellin' what's really going on...

Except, when u open up red or blue u gonna see the same type circuitboard as in a chinawelder. Wanna see pics of mine? I can dig em out if u wish...
Or if the group wants to see 'em.

Mine is what they call a 4 in 1 machine that will ac/dcstick weld, tig ac or dc, and has a plasma cutter function. Came with everything needed for operation. I got pulse, up slope/down slope, CAW, and of course it came with the foot pedal... tig handle, rod handle, and the plasma torch.
It comes up on google images as a Super 200p.

I paid, I think it was $1200 with the tax and freight.
The burn is smooth, controllable in all aspects, and stable at the duty cycle I require.

The Dynasty I wanted would have been abt 6k or more.
Yup, I know the dynasty is btr!

EZ choice for me.
I could bring home something to learn with,
or try to keep saving nickels found with my metal detector. :-)

ezier to pay for a grand worth of tooling than over 5k investment.
I know.


Had to buy the argon bottle.
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