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Default Re: New vs Old! Vintage or High Tech.

CB2, u can do an awful lot of vintage look antique-ing with an airbrush and the fancy paints the model RR guys use for their trains... probably want to shoot some clear over it, though, to make it WX proof.

I looked at the harley bobber you posted...
Seems it's the tank/seat and the front wheel/tire that are the primary points of focus.
From my own experience, there is a MAJOR difference in FEEL and handling when running a fat front tire like that. It's kinda interesting, in riding.
Most my time spent on the Vtwins was with a 21 avon speedmaster mark II up front, and in the end I seemed to like a 3.50x19 universal tread best, but when I mounted up a 5.10x 16 it was a lot of fun! Kinda like motoring a steam roller! lol it was a lot more substantial and stable feel.
I ran 15's, 16's, and 18's on the rear at various times and rarely ran with a seat. I sat pretty low.

Try the fattest front tire you can find on the front for a different, old-timey feel. Maybe something from moped-land, or a small mc???


...also, the creme colored or clay colored tires seem to make the biggest difference in the many pics I've looked at of mabs with a retro style. It would be too hard to keep creme colored tires clean though! lol

Sheesh! I keep finin' two cents in my pocket! :-)
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