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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
Mine sheared off on MOOP2 because it was a fabricated plate. When the bolts are used as a stressed member with the clamp not physically hugging the frame as designed that's when your gonna run into some problems. I replaced my M6 studs for high chrome m6 bolts from Ace hardware for almost 3 dollars a bolt!
Maybe it would be overall stronger if we allowed the front mount to hug the frame and extend the back by getting longer studs and washers between the clamp and the engine to compensate the extra space?
I may try this myself if the 3 dollar bolts sheer off. But so far so good. The original studs were grade 2.
Thanks for the info. I'm starting another build and, I guess it almost goes without saying, this time I'm looking for ways to make everything as secure as possible. Although, as cheesy as these things are, I won't be surprised if someday the piston comes right through the head up my arse.
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