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Default my Black Squirrel ("The Flying Fart")

I guess it's time I started a build thread. Seems like a good way to keep track of me & my bike's progress & problems.

The bike is already built, so I won't be doing step-by-step pics. I'll post my before-and-afters over the next few days, along with some stuff that I learned or invented or discovered while learning to build my 1st motorbike.

A little intro, real quick:
I've never fixed a bike before. I'm proud as **** of this thing. I know it's crappy in places & there are some funny mods....but I built it & it runs, & when it breaks down on the road I can fix it & ride it home. That rules.

I built it during the Summer & Fall of 2011 from an early-90's Schwinn Cruiser & a few other bikes, plus some new parts. I couldn't decide on a name: Black Squirrel or Flying Fart? Since it was a unique make/model by now (& I could tell this wasn't gonna be my last project), I decided Black would be the make of all my bikes from now on. This first model would be the Squirrel. Its name is The Flying Fart. (As far as I'm concerned it's a win-win. Depending on which build I go with next, it will probably be a Black Panther, Black Dart, or Black Banana.) I made it through the Summer, but in the Fall I need some help so I brought in a mechanic friend. We're designing his project now.

The motor is a BGF china girl, the 66cc 2stroke. I upgraded the hardware & some other parts, as suggested in THIS CLASSIC POST The rest of what's been done to the bike will be posted over the next few weeks.....probably longer....I'm starting to understand that the work on a motorbike is never really "done".
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