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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Fours of sleep and I was biking to work. Previously the chain was as tight as "high G" on a guitar! After the new motor mount was installed, chain adjustment was good. Tension was the same at day's end. Previously, with the old mount and a Chinese freewheel, the chain would tense and loosen within a few strokes, then tense up again. Now, chain tension is spot on and consistent. i can sense there is less undue tension on the chain, freewheel, sprocket, even the bottom bracket cartridge.

The ride to and from work went without incident. You never know how the commute will go without a test ride.

I had been searching locally for M6-80mm length allen bolts for years. The correct bolts were found on McMaster-Carr reasonably priced. They arrived today and were quickly installed.

I can't wait for daylight and my commute to work!
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