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Default Big Wheel?

When I was a kid in about 1970 or so, I took a 24" bicycle and put a fork from a 26" bicycle on it. Then extended the 26" fork with about another 10" of fork cut off another bike. (just cut off the fork legs, and hammered it on over the 26" fork legs). Then put a 26" wheel on the front. It was a big front wheel with a long fork, and a smaller rear wheel. My friends thought it was cool and all copied it.

Am thinking of making something similar in a motorized bike, but a bit more sophisticated.

Would take a 26" mountian bike, and fit in a 24" 3" rim with 3 or 4" wide tire, for that fat rear tire look. But those tires are nearly as tall as a regular 26" tire, so to make the front tire look bigger, I thought a 700C rim and tire in the front, along with one of those extended tripple tree forks would look cool. A set of TT style racing handle bars, and a fat cruiser seat, no fenders (or maybe a shortie in the rear) and a small 4 stroke motor should complete the package. Chopper with big skinny front wheel, and small fat rear wheel.

Sound strange or cool?
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