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Default Hello!!!!! From New Jersey!

Hi! Im Mark, and I live in New Jersey, about 20 miles from PA and 30 miles from NY. A pretty rural area, full of cows, horses and lots of windy back country roads.

Used to have a few classic Honda motorcycles from the mid 70's. Those were great machines, but had to sell when a (non-motorcycle) accident nearly cost me my foot. Holding up a few hundred pounds of motorcycle is no longer an option for me.

BUT, a motorized bicycle might just fit the bill. And I love some of the old style early motorcycle replicas that I have seen people make with these bicycle motors. Just too cool.

I have worked as small engine mechanic, auto mechanic, and now work in data processing. I really enjoy creating something unique and get a great satisfaction from completing a project and having it work well.

Oh, yeah, i am also a go kart and minibike nut, even at 53 years of age. The go kart is an old Rupp from the early 1970's. Made a central engine mount, added 5 hp, torq-a-verter, and axle with differential. Its geared down, and with my 7 yr old son, can pull the front wheels about 18" off the ground when he hammers it. 8-10" of snow is a dream to fly around in. The kart just won't stop with those big high flotation tires.

The big blue "mini-bike" is a brute. Another custom build. Carries two people with ease. An 8hp motor and torque converter will shoot the beast off to about 35mph or so. Climbs hills like nobody's business.

And they were built for my kids to use..... LOL!!!!!!

So I'm just a big kid......

Anyway, I am going to do my homework, and hope to have a nice machine put together by spring of 2012. Probably not as nice as the projects I see here, they blow my mind!!!! But I will try to keep up with the great design work and innovation I see here. Will be asking lots of questions, and posting lots of pics.



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