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Default Re: cheap entry level welder ????

Originally Posted by Lowandslow View Post
My advice would be to get a good quality MIG unit (uses gas) and stay away from cheap chinese welders. The quality is worth the money and you will be able to sell it for little loss (maybe none) if you buy a used unit off craigslist. I got a HH140 for $350.00
that was like new and I've used the heck out of it, it makes great looking welds and for welding bicycle frames I don't think you could do better unless you go TIG. I could sell the welder for what I paid and I would have cost me nothing to own plus I bought an AMERICAN made machine! An arc welder on bicycle frames would be nothing less than an exercise in frustration on those paper thin frames so common now. Just my 2 cents.
Ditto, Lowandslow. I concur.

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