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Default My name is Adam...

And I am now a motor bicyclist. It started while visiting Carpinteria, CA. I'm not sure where it ends.

Carpinteria is an amazing and incredible biking community. You can walk or ride the electric bus but a bike, in particular a single speed beach cruiser is the easiest way to get around. Craigslist obliged with a $40 firmstrong urban with a half dozen broke spokes the minute I looked.

Classic copy of classic fat tire bike. FUN!

I dont remember the full sequence of events but I ended up with a grubee HD axle, a sturmy archer front brake, a springer front fork and a motor kit. Along with a few other odds and ends.

There are some details like squishing the frame and doing a little file work to mount the motor I havent mentioned. Today I passed a Ferarri twice. We might have gone back and forth a couple more times but he got caught at third light and I didnt.


I should mention, I'm bummed pirate cycles is out of 1" seat posts and there is a moped gas tank on the way from australia though its not quite as cool as the general 5 star.
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