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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
*sigh* Didn't do anything with the bike. Just too cold. Ice in patches on pavement. Windchill is wicked. Too frigid to do work in shed, even if I could think of a part to fab. Nothin'. Didn't do nothin'.

Now entering that time of year where you guys in SoCal come in handy. I can sit here and read about what you're doing, even when my bike is hibernating in my shed.

Measure Twice here in Northern CA, but was there in Southern California about a month ago and it was quite cold when the sun went down.

I know when 55-60F and in the sun without too much clouds, I even try to work under tree shade also wear sun block.

After sun set and down below 50 and no sun and I am done working. I was outside still and I probably should have dressed warmer.

I used to live in New York so I know this is really more a temperate climate, and I got out for a few hours setting up the motor bike jackshaft and clutch having both chain and v-belt (Link-Belt).

Will like to try it out not riding, but mount the bike in some way to observe the workings under power with no or very little load. Then I have the guards for chain and carb protection and get riding. I was real careful to get the bearings on jackshaft to be seating perfect and the chain 90 degrees (Right Angle) to jackshaft.

My home brew washing machine pulley rear wheel spoke wood covered epoxy sandwich is shown and only may need to take out 1 link of the v-belt (Link-Belt) to get a bit tighter. I am leaving it as is over night as they do stretch like regular v-belts but notably more when first time put into use. It then will be easier to get it right tomorrow when settled stretch for a while.

My design for tightening the belt is that I add or remove belt links and don’t mess with the rear fork drop outs. I want it as far back on the slots for better security. I do have the ability to move the jackshaft forward and aft, but that also requires loosening the engine mounting bolts as well because the chain from engine/clutch goes to the jackshaft as well.

I am thinking maybe not with the new knobbies, but some other tires I could see about the pop-rivet way of adding traction on snow and ice or bike tires. I saw that Killercanuck mentioned of someone doing this posted from an external site:
Pop Rivet Ice Tires for Your Road Bike

and I think I should go up to Tahoe!

I don’t know if they keep any of the OHV parks open up there in the winter.

If only snow mobiles, then I could make an adapter with front ski, maybe add a third wheel in tandem with a snow mobile like tread between them.

I took an overhead picture of the trueness of the chain and didn’t notice till now in a pc big screen what error there was. I sited from along the length front to back, but overhead shows the pulley or jackshaft or both need to go further out to match the clutch. There is enogh extra legnth on the opposite side bearing to move in an inch.

I also may resort to flipping around the clutch the other way (chain between crankcase cover and clutch bell house). It was once there was not enough room before to do that, but I can do that now and will have the gears closer to the frame which I think would be better.

Tomorrow I’ll fix the chain!

T-square in one of the pics to see the jackshaft right angle to engine crankcase cover on the side.

I'll be looking for a parallel rulers as I was thinking of when doing the chain with them and didn't bother, but a picture tells the story quite out of true.

Measure Twice
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