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Default Re: cheap entry level welder ????

The HFmig welder mentioned above actually has some pretty darned good ratings for what it is. There's actually some youtube vids out there on mods for it.
IMO it should be fine for motorized bicycle use.
1/4 plate would most likely push it's duty cycle, but we just don't have much call for 1/4 plate on bikes.

A while back I dropped a grand on a china tig welder. a full function 4in1 machine.
5 or 6 k in red or blue...
One function did not work properly and the vendor was very quick about getting me a replacement circuitboard (which I replaced) when I halted the paypal payment.
(I gotta give luxorgoods two thumbs up!)

That being said, when my kid's 110v miller wirefeed is here, it gets more use than anything! and it's just a flux-core machine...

HF wirefeed is dandy because of their warranty ! it would never cut it for professional use, though.

oh, u wanted a stick welder...
the last generation inverter boxes use mosfet technology. when 1 transistor heats up it causes a cascading failure.
the new generation of inverters (read more expensive) is igbt technology which theoretically will shut down before a total failure occurs.
Of course, HF is the old tech method of construction. ...but still warranted!

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