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Default Re: 5 bikes in 9 months

Fast Eddie --it was Dirty Rotten Piston Bikes who stole 200 dollars from me. I'll never forget and I'll never buy from him again. And at every opportunity I'll scream to the world to stay away from him.

Wouldn't be so bad if I received a call back or an e-mail, no no nothing after 2 weeks of waiting, just like a common dirty thief.

Any way lesson learned. I'll get this crap to run after I can subdue my frustration over it. It's been sitting on my second shop table for a couple months now. I'll get to it.

olesmokeybeard I hope your collision wasn't long to heal. I have that fear too especially if the bike I'm on doesn't have a rear view mirror. We must be extremely vigilant there are many distracted and/or dumbass drivers on the streets today. (no of course not me)
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