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Default Re: Will shift kit help with strong headwinds?

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post

HOWEVER, the inside chainring is the pedalling one. Having one with less teeth results in low gear ratio and good pulling power for the engine. Unfortunately, not for pedalling power and engine power simultaneously.
DUH, but SBP's stock ratio doesn't favor pedal power. By default, you will arrive at pedal redline long before engine redline. This is why a larger outer crank ring is needed so you can gear down engine. If one wanted to gear up pedal, too, he would need an even larger outer crank sprocket.

I haven't measured it, but I don't think a 50t will fit on the inside chainring position. It will hit the chainstay frame.
I wasn't talking 50T for your bike. Or any shift kit bike. I was talking large chainring for use with OP's bike to go with the derailleur he was thinking about getting for his single-speed bike.

Also, a large bicycle chainring REALLY screws up the gear ratios for engine application. Compare these figures: <insert yada yada here>

To summarize, if you could get a 50t bicycle chainring to fit a bike w/shift kit, it would not be a good choice for engine power.

But hey, that's only my calculated opinion. We can all agree to disagree.....until someone actually installs a large sprocket as their bicycle chainring.
Which is what I'd be doing if King's Sales & Service wasn't ignoring people right now. I need a 51/67 crank sprocket set!

I have a 36/48 currently. I'm gearing up pedal and gearing down engine. Looking for 60 pedal RPM @ 4000 engine RPM, 120 @ 8000.

Emphasis on assist
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