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Default My first build, it works so perfectly :]

okay, so i was 17 working at a Christmas tree lot and i saw this old man on a motorized beach cruiser and all i could think was "O.O i will make it....but better". so i tried ordering a kit online, but being as i live in southern California i could not get one sent straight to my house and i didn't wanna go through the hassle of sending it to my grandpa in another state, then give him the money to have him send it to me. so i thought no, screw this, i am going to put an even bigger motor in for less money than that kit costs. so i went on craigslist to find a mini bike that i knew had a good comp rate but was dependable and small.

so i bought an X7 mini bike with a CVT trans.

i proceeded to cut the mini bike frame and weld the mounding bracket straight onto the bike, so after all the measuring and such it fit perfect and i wanted a long slim gas tank so i went to an old motorcycle junkyard and found an old Indian tank that holds about 3 gallons of gas. but still i was not satisfied. because i COULD ave run the motor with no exhaust pipe but the mini bike had an expansion chamber so i chopped it up and welded it back together, putting it on with just enough room between the crank with the chain. then i wasn't happy with just having the front disc brake with the adapter plate that i made myself out of a 3/8 thick piece of steal and a millso i did some grinding and i now also have a coaster brake as well that works as well as it did without any motor on it. the chain tensioner i have for the drive chain is made from just a rear derailer and i widened the pedals about 6 inches on both sides for clearance issues HOWEVER it is very comfortable with the road bike handlebars due to the fact that i am 6 feet and 4 inches. i've been clocked so far at 37 MPH by a road speedometer that is near an elementary school, i can go faster pretty easily but i am scared to obviously xD. the 49cc sticker is a joke my brother put on there making fun of it -.-. ive taken it to the beach and back(a total of 30 miles) many times and its always fun to see the faces as you zoom by. anyways here's the rest of the pictures :] comment on things u think i could do to make it better(besides paint, i am planing to do it eventually).

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