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Default Re: cruze control???

Originally Posted by thepolarpandabear View Post
I could never figure how those would work with a twist throttle, I can understand how it would work with a lever system.
They have a video on their site that shows it in action.

But anyways here's how it works.
It is held onto the throttle grip by friction. You must stretch it open to fit it over the grip. It works by allowing the palm of your hand to press against it rather than having your fingers wrapped around the grip all the time.
You can relax your fingers and cruise just by simply resting your hand over the grip and paddle.
The paddle is not intended to be adjustable on the fly (although doing so is extremely easy to do), you fine tune it's position while at a stand still (for safety reasons) then ride at the most common cruising speed that you ride at, testing if you set the paddle position correctly.
It is really simple and surprisingly comfortable.
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