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Default Re: cheap entry level welder ????

Originally Posted by robbomberbomyea View Post
been around welding,but never had the desire or need to try myself. thought i might give it a go. dont want to spend alot,and then never use it..found a unit that might fit my bill. its a 40-100amp 110volt air cooled arc welder,cost under 100 bucks. but dont want to waste money,if it not going to do what i want., is it going to weld mild steel? like bike frames. thanks for your input.
Although I would like a wire welder, I've had a stick welder, the same one since 1975 (bought at Sears scratch and dent store in Jacksonville, FL $60.00). Mine happens to be a 220V, dual amp setting. I seldom use the high setting. Here are some items I make with it. I feel I got more then my moneys worth through the years. Need plenty of practice using a stick welder on bicycle tubes, they are so thin, but can be done.
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Also have a Oxygen/Propane torch that I make the clutch rollers with...

And Harbor has a great inexpensive hood. The one I have is just too dark, and hard to strike a arc where I want it. The new one I bought is self darkening..and it works great, around $35.00 without the 20% discount. I have a extra coupon, but it expires 1/11/12, you are welcome to have. Also have a coupon for a 90A Flux wire welder for $90.00 minus the 20%, expires same day.
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