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Default Re: A serious question. Don't laugh.

I cannot comment on the coating from Pioneer Metal Finishing without asking them what the temperature specs are as well as the proven successful applications that they have done.
As for the temps getting too hot for teflon, I cannot dispute other folk's experiences, only share my own.

My experience:
All I can say is I have installed pistons in air cooled 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines with teflon coated skirts as well as ones with Moly coated skirts and never had problems with either. Teflon buttons are still used in place of wrist pin clips in some applications and hold up very well, although I must say that they are not installed in a high friction area of the piston.

Experience and speculation:
My teflon coated frying pan also sees very high temperatures as well and I have never has a problem with it, but then again I do not vigorously rub it with a piece of metal at 9000 cycles per minute either.
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