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Default Re: cruze control???

Originally Posted by frozenveinz View Post
Or the cheap shifter choke lever on the CNS. If you've upgraded the carb, use that thing. However, cruise control of this type is very dangerous. On motocycles/cars the thing disengages on brakes, throttle, or some other input. TGhese will stay until you turn off, gotta be real carreful. And wear a helmet.
I concure. Locking or otherwise defeating the spring return feature of the throttle is a dangerous thing to do. Yes, they have cruise control on some high end motorcycles but as Frozenveinz said, factory cruise control systems are very sophisticated and cancel out with break inputs and have an easily reached 'Off' button.

In an emergency/panic stop situation you want that throttle to drop out 'NOW' not after you've fumbled around trying to move a lever on your handlebars.

Don't do it.
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