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Default Re: Untimely greetings

Should be about an inch of play in the chain, although most folks say half to 3/4s. Every kit motor I have has it's own personality and they even out after break in. Not unlike teens. Right now my least favorite motor is on my favorite bike and they are both vibration happy critters. The motor's sweet spot is at about 19 to 22 MPH. At 23 and above, ain't no one happy. The point beach cruiser is happiest at about 20. I have found that China girl kits cruise at around 20 MPH, with a top speed of around 30 out of the box. Rule of thumb I was tought is that motors run optimally at 3/4 throttle. But thats debatible

You just made me realize, when this motor was on the moondog, it was much happyer. Hmmm.

Is a case of the more vibration I feel, the more stress I hear. I is gonna get me one of them thare fancy springy seat posts. Another thing that does wonders is putting small pieces of radiator hose in the cooling fins on the head. The cheaper the casting, the better it works Folks swear I am nutz (but I have paper work from some fine instiutions saying I am sane) Maybe the voices in my head are right, and it is all in my head.

Oddly, this is one of the best parts of all this. When you wake with a "Uricka!" thought or find a cool new way to do some thing, it just means your an addict.

Forgot to say, SWEET LOOKIN RIDE!!! Preetty work Fo'Sho. Have to be real carefull with front fenders though, they let loose and the front wheel stops and the bike and you don't
worst apocalypse ever

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