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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I've been working on my tight engine drive chain. There are no 8mm half-links, so adjustments have to be made with an extra link. For some reason, I can't adjust the drive assembly to take up the slack. The skateboard chain tensioner isn't taking up all the slack. so I installed an ADDITIONAL tensioner on the opposite side of the chain. The skateboard wheel is adjustable and pushes the chain inward. The second tensioner is stationary and pushes the other side of the chain outward.

I also made a simple camera mount for my MB. I don't like how most cameras' videos are shot from the handlebar. There is too much swiveling back and forth. I bolted a simple 2" angle bracket onto the side of the bike frame. There will be less "yaw" or "fishtailing" in the videos I shoot. This way, the camera views where the frame's head, not the handlebar is pointing.

The rear tire is flat. Unsure how it happened. Must've picked up a nail. I'll fix it tomorrow.
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